The Best Business Event I’ve Ever Attended

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Taking part in clay shooting in Bristol is the last thing I would have ever thought I would do on a business event. It’s certainly one of the strangest team building activities in which I’ve taken part. Usually team building involves some rather pedestrian activities inside an office and they’re often rather boring. When our boss said our next one would take place outside, I thought we’d be doing mountain or rock climbing or some such thing. You can imagine my surprise when we headed down to a clay shooting club near Bristol. I’m sure I wasn’t the only person in shock.

I thought a couple of co-workers were going to start crying. Apparently people don’t like guns and are scared of them. The boss insisted on pushing forward and we went in and met with some employees for our training session. Read more…


Finally Getting the Job of My Dreams

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I had applied to be a candidate at a couple of recruiting agencies over the years. Both appointments I had were not a fit for me. They did not build on my strengths to leverage me in a way that would help me want to stay with either firm. I found out after the hype the old recruiters gave me that I was a poor fit for both jobs. Don’t get me wrong, I could expertly do the work. I just did not like the positions. I looked into a financial services recruitment agency in bristol and found another agency that worked in a different way to pair candidates with firms.

I finally got the job I thrive at doing. Read more…


Not Afraid to Shoot Anymore

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I was gifted clay pigeon shooting lessons for my birthday by my friends. I had never fired a gun before, and to be honest, I was never keen on the idea of using them. I always saw them as death machines that had no purpose other than ending the lives of others. I wanted nothing to do with them, and I hoped that no one would use one on me. As I started taking the lessons, I was afraid to even pick up the gun, because I was afraid that I would drop it and it would go off or accidentally hit someone.

The instructor helped me get more comfortable with the gun and realize that as long as I practiced safety and used it properly, the gun wouldn’t accidentally fire, and no one would become injured by it. I learned how to load the gun, aim it, fire it, and even clean it. Taking care of the gun was almost like taking care of a pet to me, except the gun didn’t defecate on my lawn or chew up my shoes. My first shot with the gun was a quite a surprise. The sound and feel were like holding a lighting bolt.

It took a while before I could actually hit anything with the gun. My aim wasn’t that great, and my glasses didn’t help much, but I learned how to adjust, and got to the point where I could hit targets. As I improved, the distance at which I could hit the pigeons increased. I went from hitting things that were close to me, to hitting ones that were farther out that it looked like they were going to hit the ground before I could shoot them. My progress was pretty impressive to my instructor, as he had never seen anyone go from being as afraid as I was to a great shooter.


We Take the Impact Our Manufacturing Has on the Environment Very Seriously

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Manufacturing produces waste materials, but waste, like beauty, is in the ye of the beholder. We have streamlined our manufacturing facilities and operation many times over the years to try to reach a zero-waste goal. We reuse water by filtering it. This saves millions of gallons of fresh water per year. We also can now recycle cuttings from products back into the raw materials that make our products. Before, the cuttings were just hauled away. A professional environmental consultancy company helps us in an ongoing fashion to make our entire operation more friendly to the environment and more sustainable.

We even burn things for the heat we need in production that were once thrown into landfills. Read more…


Our Worn out Office Look Has Been Completely Refurbished

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My secretary was talking to a coworker noting how our office looked like it was a rundown leftover from the 1980s. She turned and saw me and blushed. I told her that I agreed with her, but I never had gotten around to doing anything about it. So, I put her in charge of contacting a company that does office refurb in Bath for a new fit out of our office space. I told her to keep the traditional style that makes a positive statement about our company, but to modernize it so we look progressive and attractive to our clients.

She did a wonderful job of matching colors and textures without making our offices either too modern or too retro. She reached a fine balance of making our offices look great to our new as well as old clients. My office looks great and is more functional than it ever was. I had made some changes when I took over the business from my father, but I never made any major changes. This time we changed things down to the bare walls. Read more…


The Mighty Oak Has Fallen

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Long Island is full of trees that have been here for many years. They were planted by the people who lived here many years ago and have grown pretty strong. Sometimes these old trees just can’t take the stress of the weather anymore and just fall over. This happened in my yard after a bad storm happened. I thought the tree had been struck by lightning, but there were no burn marks on it. I knew a few of my neighbors had gotten tree removal in Long Island before, so I asked them which company I should use to have the tree taken away.

Everyone pretty much agreed on one company for the job, except for one person, who I think might have had some affiliation with a rival tree removal company. Read more…


We Wanted the Best for Someone Who Treated Us with So Much Love

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My aunt Betsy was the type of person who would tell us that she didn’t like us to make a fuss over her, but I could see the smile that she couldn’t hide when she came to visit and we rolled out the red carpet for her. She was like a second mother to my sister and me when we were kids, and we loved to pamper her when we got to see her here and there when we became adults. After she passed away, my sister and I were looking at Jewish monuments in New Jersey and she looked over at me and said, “Which one should we get?” I answered, “One of the best ones!” We both smiled at one another because that’s exactly how we acted when we knew that Aunt Betsy was coming to visit.

Our mom is fantastic. She was always there for us. It just so happened that our aunt was there for us, too. She only had one marriage, and it didn’t work out. Because she was single for so long, she didn’t have any children. So she jumped right into help Mom with hearing things. Read more…


Family Fun Clay Shooting on the Weekends

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My family is a bunch of trained shooters. We go out to shoot our shotguns pretty much every weekend. We have gear for cold and hot weather shooting. It is not tedious or ever like a chore. We look forward to shooting every weekend. Our favorite gun sport is clay shooting. Those little brightly coloured clay disks remind me of the game of golf. That game can be fun, relaxing, frustrating and competitive all in one game! Our hobby has grown over the years until all the adults have custom shotguns fitted to each person’s size and reach. Our young son is quite adept at throwing clays into the air by hand and hitting them with rocks. He is really learning how to lead a target early, and he will be an amazing shot when he is big enough to handle a shotgun.

If you have never been clay shooting, it is just taking shotguns that shoot out a wad of projectiles with every shot. You have to adjust how far in front of a clay disk to shoot in order to hit them every time. Read more…


When a Guy Goes for Waxing in Bristol the Waiting Room Talk Can Be Illuminating

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I probably should not have went into competition bodybuilding. Not because I do not have the physique, but because I am a hairy guy just like my dad. I am not like a bear like he is, but I do have the chest, leg, arm and back hair that most of the other guys do not have to deal with. I go for waxing in Bristol, and let me tell you it is an experience for a guy. I know women do this all the time, and I commend them for it. However, I have never met a woman that had to have her back or chest done. It is usually just their legs, but they also have the bikini area done. There is no getting around the fact that waxing can be uncomfortable, but the results are astounding.

I go in and sit in the waiting room with everyone else. I have rarely seen another guy there. That sort of makes me a novelty. However, I do what works. I have to have smooth skin with no hair for the competitions. When I have a few months off, I let it go. Read more…


Hiring a Professional Web Designer

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Many businesses are looking for a way to attract more customers through their website, but remain unsure about the best approach to take to draw them in. With the increasing focus in today’s world on mobile environments, the need for a website that properly conveys your products and services is critical to your business’ success. Hiring a local web designer in Bristol is the best first step you can take on improving your company’s online presence. While at one point in time a website was seen as a nice addition, it is now a necessity to remaining in business. It is the first point of contact for most clients, it is the first time they are encountering your business and learning about what you stand for as a company. Read more…

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